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Stroller Clips

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

stroller clips

stroller clips

Single Strollers Keep You Going

Single strollers are made for a single infant or child. They come in many shapes and sizes, different fabrics and colors. Most of the single strollers adjust with growth of your child. For instance, when you baby is an infant, you can adjust the stroller so that it looks more like a ‘pram’ or ‘carriage’, laying flat with all the sides up so baby can lie down. There are security straps to make sure the baby lies in place as well.

When the infant grows a little and can sit up more, you can bring the front end of the stroller down and allow their feet to dangle but they don’t touch the ground and the back up for a more upright ride. Single strollers have many advantages that double and triple strollers do not; they have more room for things such as storage underneath and on the backside of the stroller. You can purchase additional stroller accessories like a tray with cup holders to clip on to the back to hold the parent’s cups and keys.

Today’s manufacturers are thinking more along the lines of function and fashion. There are single strollers that look like tractors for boys and princess carriages for girls. The wheels are double and roll on ball bearings to be able to maneuver better on any surface, like uneven pavement or trails or a flat store floor. The single strollers are constructed of durable metal tubing covered with a woven fabric that resists tears and is water and stain resistant.

Some of the single strollers can be classified as umbrella strollers because they have curved handles like umbrellas and fold up compact like an umbrella for easy storage. These single strollers are popular for a number of reasons, mostly because they are lightweight and are easily stored away, taking up little space in the mini van or trunk of a car or even hanging up in the garage.

Other single strollers are classified as jogging strollers and have three large wheels, one in the front and two in the back. The one wheel in the front can be ‘fixed’ so it can’t move other than straight ahead for jogging and exercise purposes. Jogging strollers are popular as regular single strollers because they are large and comfortable for the baby or child and can easily be maneuvered through a crowd of people at a parade or fair.

Single strollers are never meant for more than one child or baby. This would cause a safety hazard and could hurt your child. There are double strollers for two children or you could purchase a ‘jump seat’ or a stroller foot board that attaches to the back of a single stroller so the other child, usually an older one, can stand on the back or sit facing the opposite direction. These are not that expensive and hook on to the framework of single strollers. Your older child will enjoy a ride along on the single strollers and everyone will be happy.

About the Author

Learn more about
single strollers
and understand why many parents choose
single strollers
to make strolling more enjoyable. David Cummings is General Manager of Bustling Baby, a business devoted to providing baby mobility, comfort, and convenience to active families.

does anyone know which stroller is the best out of these strollers ?

valco, bugaboo cameleon, peg perego (skate,uno), quinny buzz, l’coo tango stroller, stokke xplory, phil and teds.. if there are ones in this group of strollers you wouldn’t recommend please let me know..also if you got any other suggestions it would help…but i’m confused on these ones..i’m wondering if it’s better to have it so the car seat just snaps on top of stroller bed or if you remove basinet and clip on car seat..for ex. the perego uno vs. the perego skate..also is it best to have the basket at bottom of stroller for storage..just curious if i would miss that or not..some of them don’t have it…thanks.

What I look for most in a stroller is the weight. The strollers that include car seats are so heavy and bulky you wont want anything to do with them. I use the Maclaren and it only weighs about 11 lbs and folds up easy. It is much more affordable than the other strollers that you listed. It also has top reviews. I also bought a converter car seat which my daughter has used for 2 years + which saved me $ b/c I never had to buy her another when she turned 1 year. Baskets are so helpful at the bottom of the stroller… Also look for one that has a sun blocker. The Maclaren has a sun blocker that adjusts where you need it too which is a life saver!–maclaren

icoo Targo Stroller and Pram

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Jogger Strollers Swivel

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

jogger strollers swivel

jogger strollers swivel

The Baby Jogger City Classic Double Stroller

To get out of the car yet move around town easily, a parent with two young children needs a miracle or a good stroller. She has located just the thing with the Baby Jogger City Classic Double Stroller. Loaded with features to make getting around on foot even easier, this product even makes a stressed-out mother look good.

Choose from three different colors: red and black, brown and stone or black and stone. Enjoy the advantage of adjustable canopies to keep off rain or to let in a tiny bit of sunlight before shading young heads once more.
Small ones can still have a clear view while side vents guarantee they ‘ll not get too stuff in their cozy nest.

A maximum weight of 1 hundred pounds easily makes room for a baby and toddler plus groceries and library books. Store plenty of fruit and vegetables in the ample under-seat compartment.
Place snacks and other child-friendly accessories in the back-of-seat pouches.

When you need to take the car out and should bring your stroller along, do not fear the folding and unfolding part of your journey.
Instead of facing an ordeal, the ease with which you get this product set up and ready to go ‘ll amaze. A rear brake allows parents to park up safely when unlocking the car door and while unloading children one at a time.

With you in control behind the adjustable handlebars, all terrain twelve inch wheels will easily manage city or trail conditions.
Either lock the wheels for a long, straight path or unlock them using pneumatic release. With their five-point harnesses and shoulder pads no road may be too bumpy. Dual swivel wheels ‘ll help mom maneuver around corners and twist by-ways too.

Along with the stroller, think about purchasing accessories to mount onto the patented universal bracket.
When you actually need a coffee even although pushing and drinking pose a challenge, attach a parent console.
This will hold a drink, cell phone and wallet, easing your pockets for a comfortable stroll or power walk.

Children will thank you for their warm feet with the foot muff, available in matching colors. On cold days, recollect your own comfort as well.
A hand muff fastens to the handlebars so your fingers stay toasty even as winter sets in.

About the Author

Click Here to see the full review of the Baby Stroller BabyJogger City Classic

Clair James runs the ABC Baby Stroller website – where you will find a selection of the  Best Baby Strollers currently on the market.

Which stroller is best overall?

Our son is 3 almost 4 months old, and weighs 17 pounds. I am looking at purchasing the Bob Revolution,( or maybe another bob as long as it has a swivel wheel), mountain Buggy, or Baby Jogger. I am planning on buying whatever attachments we need as well. I am not planning on using it for running/jogging, just walks and everyday, everywhere. We live where there is snow, and uneven paths. Please help us decide which one to buy, and why.

Please look stroller at Amazon.

Hope this help.

Good Luck.

Baby Trend Grey Mist Jogging Stroller Review

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Munchkin Stroller Links

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

munchkin stroller links

munchkin stroller links

10 Best Christmas Gifts For Baby – 2009

Selecting suitable Christmas gifts for a baby means more than finding objects to keep the little one occupied and quiet. Baby gifts and toys are often carefully designed to aid the development of the young child as abilities that adults take for granted take time for young children to learn. Here is a list of popular items that has been researched with some of the largest online retailers of baby products.

Of course every infant and toddler requires staple items such as clothes, bedding, furniture and other gear. However, babies also need opportunities to learn movement and co-ordination, as well as how to differentiate textures, colors, tastes, sounds and shapes. Musical appreciation can also be started at a very young age, as can an awareness of letters and numbers. Fun toys and games are available which aid in developing  simple reasoning skills.

Here are some of the most popular gifts for babies:

1. Sophie the Giraffe Teether – Vulli.
This giraffe is very flexible, being made of rubber, and it offers lots of parts – like ears, legs and horns – to chew on. Not only is it soft to touch, like a baby’s mother, but it also has a squeaker to keep the baby amused.

2.  Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes.
A chance to introduce the little one to baby-friendly versions of some of the greats of classical music, such as Mozart, Chopin, Vivaldi and Rossini. A large button allows the baby to make its way happily through 7 classical melodies. This is a baby’s version of an MP3 player and it also entertains with colorful lights which display on the screen. 

3. Baby’s First Blocks from Brilliant Basics
Ten brightly colored plastic blocks in a bucket invite endless sorting, filling and dumping, which also aids eye-hand co-ordination and learning to identify different shapes.  The container box has a handle which makes it easy to carry. 

4. Jacques the Peacock from Lamaze.
A beautiful peacock with lovely colors, a mirror, many textures and sounds, it was designed with the aid of development experts at Yale University. It has an easy attachment for strollers and carriers. It is easy to take with you on shopping trips and play dates. The soft velour body invites playing and snuggling and is easy for little hands to use.

5. Playskool Busy Ball Popper from Hasbro.
Winner of numerous awards, including American Baby’s Best Toy, the little one drops balls onto a spiral track and pumps a plunger. The balls scoot to the bottom and pop out the top. It has crazy sound effects and 8 bouncy songs which add to the fun.

6. Learn & Groove Musical Table from Leapfrog.
Suits ages 6 mths and up, it has lots of musical activities that make learning fun. Improves motor skills while they learn about the alphabet, colors, and opposites. The Musical Table offers a carnival of learning experiences, with sparkling lights and more than 40 songs and melodies.

7. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube
Also an award-winning toy, the Magic Cube provides a great musical foundation for babies and small children. By touching a button, the player can subtract or add any of five musical instruments – the harp, French horn, flute, piano, violin and flute. The selected instrument plays to the beat of the music or all of them can be combined into an orchestra. It has lots of bright colors and soft, rounded corners.

8. Rainforest Jumperoo – Fisher-price.
With a rainforest setting, this baby jumper stimulates movement, with a fun seat and toys in five locations on the platform. There is also an electronic toy on the front which moves and provides music and lights that can be activated simply by the baby. An elephant, monkey, parrot and tiger add to the excitement.

9. Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel
Crawlers will love this four-foot-long tunnel which includes a chirping red bird, an apple teether, mirror toy, animal photo cards, plus links to add more toys and other baby stuff.

10. Sleep Sheep from Cloud b.
Won the National Parenting Council’s Seal of approval, along with a number of other industry awards. The plush Sleep Sheep is very cuddly and has five soothing sounds which help to calm a restless child. These include a heart beat (like mother’s), a quiet stream, spring showers, ocean waves and harmonious whale sounds. It is a great audio and tactile pacifier, which helps to block unfamiliar and disturbing sounds and relieve stress. A very good traveling aid. 

About the Author

This is just a small sample of the hundreds of great Christmas gift ideas for children – babies to teens – that have been researched, grouped and indexed, with more details, in a free illustrated Guide. You can see more details at:
Gifts For Baby
You can download a free copy of the Guide from Get it now!

Stroller help please…?

We are going on vacation and need a durable light weight stroller for our 3 year old.
We prefer that it’s under 100 dollars, we can go a little over that though.

Please add a link to the stroller.

I got one. Go to ebay and type in Maclaren volo, and then put in buy it now, and then put in low to high. I just bought one off this site for 70 dollars that includes shipping. Its last years model and is tuorquoise, and my big 37 inch 31 lb 2 yr old looks like a munchkin in it and is using the middle harness straps, the top straps are at his ears.

the seller is babyproductstore

Hurry there are only 3 left! You can go under purchases and see I bought mine January 12th

Maclaren volo weight limit is 55 pounds! Its nice and wide, the handles are ergonomic and at a good height. The stroller has a carrying strap and only weighs 8 pounds

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Fan Stroller

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

fan stroller

fan stroller

Xcel Energy Center : Ixs

Xcel Energy Center is a famous sports stadium located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. It is sponsored by Xcel Energy and is the home ice for the NHL’s Minnesota Wild. It comprises of four spectator levels. Out of these four one is the suite level whereas other three are general seating levels called the 100 level, the club level, and the 200 level. Its official capacity is 18,834. However, it set a new record for attendance at a Minnesota hockey game at 19,398 on October 5, 2005. This Stadium is in the ownership of the city of Saint Paul. It opened in the fall of 2000 plus it is known as the “X” by fans. It was constructed on the site of the wrecked St. Paul Civic Center. In the year of 2004, Xcel Energy Center was awarded as the best overall sports venue in the United States by the leading Sports Channel, ESPN.

The Xcel Energy Stadium called The “X” has become very popular in holding in the leading Sports Events. Minnesota Boys’ High School Hockey Tournament as well as Minnesota State High School League-sponsored volleyball state tournament is played here. It hosted the 2002 NCAA Frozen Four and will do so again in 2011. Moreover, Xcel Energy Center is frequently sold out for musical concerts. The National Lacrosse League’s Minnesota Swarm started habitual season play in the arena in January, 2005. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul are jointly bidding to host the 2008 Democratic National Convention and the 2008 Republican National Convention. Perhaps the Democrats desire Minneapolis/St. Paul, the main convention events will be held at the Xcel Energy Center. The GOP has not declared yet that which venue would host the convention, though other considerations are the Metrodome and the Target Center. The Xcel Energy will also host the 2008 U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

The X Stadium provides all the necessary facilities for its spectators that has further raised the popularity of this wonderful sport’s avenue. It has taken care of the refreshments of the spectators who use to come to this splendid stadium to enjoy the games by managing some superb eating shops. The People enjoy both the sports and the delicious eatables. Iron Range Bar & Grill is a hockey theme sports bar, situated near the gate 4 at Section 120 on the 100 Level of the stadium. The Iron Range Grill offers a full menu counting hamburgers, chicken tenders, soup and sandwiches, and many other eatables. It also contains a bar serving a full selection of liquor, beer, and wine. It opens two hours prior to all Wild games and also on many other ocassions in the building. Then there is Headwaters Bar and Restaurant that is a first class dining facility, situated on the St. Paul Club Level in Section C2-C7. However, In Order to get access to this place , The Premium sea ticket ( Club, Suite or OTG) is the basic requirment for entry.

It is important to mention here that high tech technology is used to keep the stadium up-to-date. The suites at Xcel Energy Center and the Fishing Lodge contain new Apple Cinema HD Displays and PowerBook G4 notebooks to facilitate viewing of high-resolution game day video and photographs. And there is also a new multimedia intranet at the Center that allows expanded web browsing capabilities for suite holders involving the highlights of past Xcel Energy Center events and more. In order to supply on-site business center to aid with all the document needs, The Minnesota Wild has partnered with IKON Management Services. Few of the services count: Copying, Printing, Scanning & Finishing. The IKON Business Center is situated directly across from Gate #5 and is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and also through out all Minnesota Wild home games until 7:00 PM.

The provision of all the wonderful facilities and the introduction of the most modern technology has made a Xcel Energy center, a magnificient stadium. The comfort of the general public especially the families have been taken a great care of. There are baby Changing stations in all public restrooms for the families who use to enjoy the sports in the X Arena. Moreover, families Restrooms are also available on all levels of the arena. Another great thing, For a lot of events children younger than two years of age are exempted for any ticket especially those held on the lap of an accompanying adult. Fold-up strollers should be stored under your seat while non-folding strollers should be checked at Guest Services, located at Section 104/105, on the 100 Level. A room in the RiverCentre Complex can be available for parents or chaperones of children who desire to be near to the concert their children are attending. The Family Room is very homely with a television to watch. The booking of the family room must be requested at least two weeks before the event. However, It is not not available for all the events.

For more information about Xcel Energy Center visit:

About the Author

Heidi Grumm hosts and expresses her passion for events through writing and discussion. She works for Less Corporation at Copyright Heidi Grumm

Nap routine for 9-mo old?

Nap routine for 9-mo old?
My 9 mo-old sleeps well at night but naps are difficult. In the am he sleeps for about 40 mins–usually only w/ my boob in his mouth. He wakes up if I move (if I’m able to remove said boob) or try to remove my nipple.

In the afternoon, he’ll only sleep as above or in his stroller. I can bring the stroller inside and set up white noise machine. This wasn’t so bad during summer and fall but now that it’s cold out he wakes up hot and sweaty (I usu open the window and turn on a fan so he doesn’t overheat) or if I try to remove layers.

It’s getting ridiculous and I didn’t want to CIO but thibk I have to. First tho, I need a good routine.
CIO=Cry It Out
Oh and I”m wondering what you do before the nap. Just looking for ideas. Thanks!

I’ll be honest, not sure what cio is, but my daughter is 13 mos and this has been her routine since about month 5:
up at 8am
breakfast 845-9
nap down btw 930-10
nap up btw 1130-12
lunch btw 12-1230
nap down 230-3
nap up btw 430-5
bathtime at 715
out 730 then storytime nurse and
bedtime at 8pm

This has worked awesome for me! Of course we have bad days, but overall she is hardly every ornery. Obviously, you’ll fill in your other nursing times and snacks if need be. The one thing you need to realize is to get the baby to do this after being a bit spoiled (ie letting him fall asleep with your boob in his mouth and not moving so he won’t wake up ๐Ÿ™‚ you’re prolly gonna have to let him cry (cio – cry it out?). It will prolly take a week but it’ll work. He may not sleep for as long as my daughter (I’m really lucky) for his naps, but do your best.

I’m editing cause you asked what I do before a nap. I wait until she is rubbing her eyes (unless it’s gotten 1/2 hour past “down” time then I just start the routine). Then I get out 3 books. I have a total of 10 books I rotate – she doesn’t like new stories. As long as I stick to the same books she’ll sit through them gladly. I get her a cup of milk and let her drink while I read, and if she doesn’t want to drink – binky. This time calms her down and she goes in her crib. She has a soft blanky toy thing and a little plush rattle. I give her those in her crib and I can usually hear the rattle for 5 min or so – then she’s out. Now, that’s not to say there aren’t the occasions when I hear her stand up and bang around in there, but I let her – she eventually quiets down – usually no longer than 15 min.
I’m trying to remember back to 9mos – cause I was nursing too. I think I nursed first – then she’d be groggy and then I’d give her her binky and (if she wasn’t already asleep) I’d read her a story. If you want you could try to swap that around so you’re reading and slowing down the pace – then nurse. I have found the pacifier priceless. I know a lot of moms are dead set against – and if your son isn’t using one at this point, proll not gonna happen. My daughther ONLY gets a binky for sleeping – at no other point in the day is it allowed except just before naps and at bedtime.
You said he is already falling asleep while nursing. You may want to try to let him nurse really close to his bed – put a chair in his room and nurse in there, so you can slowly lift him up release him and set him down – maybe slip that binky in while he’s still groggy – who knows he may start sucking away – then lay him down and get outta there. If you stay he’ll cry for sure. When i lay lara down – it’s down – blanky – rattle – cover – gone. door closed! At this point she knows there’s no fighting it, so she doesnt’ really ever cry. Just be patient – cause at 9 mos this may take you a while to get him to do. He’s already got his little personality going. Just be strong and keep at it and go in another room if need be. If he cries for more than 1/2 hour I’d get him, but before that – just let him CIO ๐Ÿ™‚

LeToya feat. Ludacris – Regret (Fan Video & Lyrics)

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Jogging Stroller With Car Seat

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

jogging stroller with car seat

jogging stroller with car seat

The Need for a Double Jogging Stroller

For any parent, even without twins, a lightweight double jogging-stroller is a practical purchase. If you own one, small children won’t restrict your activities. It’s great for jogging, of course–but you can also use it for strolling in the park or mall.

Jogging is a healthy activity, but walking will probably occupy most of your time with the stroller. And since the stroller folds easily and fits in a standard car, parents can keep children comfortable at the end of a long drive.

Tips for buying a jogging stroller

1. Where will you use the stroller, on a sidewalk, a roadway, a track? There are always bumps, so buy a stroller with shock absorbers.

2. Check for comfort and safety. The jogger should allow for at least 70% reclining, so your little passenger can sleep. Check for cushion comfort, hand and foot brakes, and seat locks.

3. Adjustable handles. You should be able to adjust handles to your height, to avoid strains on arms and shoulders.

4. Width and foldability. Do you have extra room at home? If not, you may have to settle for less carrying capacity. Make sure that the stroller folds easily for both car and home. You should not have to take it apart for storage.

5. Weight and storage capacity. Buy the lightest jogger possible, but avoid flimsy construction. Make sure you have adequate carrying capacity for shopping or picnics.

6. Wheel size and spacing. Larger wheels are comfortable wheels. Go for 12 inch wheels, at least. If you have to go over curbs, you might consider 16 inch wheels. Also, a longer distance between front and rear wheels will be a great help when going up and down hills.

7. Canopy tips. Get a good one. You have to protect against all sorts of weather, not to mention insects. Remember, your child is valuable cargo.

About the Author

Compare prices on Jogging Double Strollers at Browse top retailers for deals on Baby Jogger double strollers as well as Valco, BOB, and Schwinn.

Which Baby stroller is better? Graco – LiteRider Travel System with SnugRide or Safety 1stยฎ Alpha Sport Trave?

The Sport one seemed a little flimsy with the head support.

I’m having a baby in March.

Is it better to have a jogging stroller or full size. Here is what I want:

Light weight when loading into the van
Easy to maneuver when shopping
Turns easy and wheels don’t get stuck
Good car seat for the baby

We did the graco travel system with the first baby. It was very durable. But she out grew the car seat at 4 months. The snugride only goes up to 26 inches in length.

So this time we are going to go with the I think it’s the 1st seat by graco. It’s an infant seat that goes up to 32 inches and 30lbs. And get the car seat frame stroller. It’s lightweight and will take up half as much space as the graco stroller.

We have two other strollers for when the baby grows out of the car seat. A jeep Urban terrain stroller which is great for long walks, the beach, amusement parks. But is a pain to load and would be a nightmare at the airport.
And we have a chicco stroller that was great for everyday use and traveling.
Both of those have now lasting twice as long as the graco stroller did.

TFK Trends for Kids Stroller Review

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Stroller Travel System Combi

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

stroller travel system combi
What strollers work with the Graco snugride carseat?

I want to get a different stroller other than a Graco stroller. I know that a Snugride carseat fits in the Graco Snugrider frame on wheels but I would like maybe a Peg Perego or a Combi stroller. Does anybody know which functioning strollers (not frames) are compatable with the Graco Snugride carseat to make like a travel system?
my kids not here yet so i can’t go test out the snugride carseat at Babies R Us with different strollers.

I just bought an InStep jogging stroller and it comes with an attachment that works with the Graco Snugride carseat.

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Stroller Double Bob

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

stroller double bob

stroller double bob

Looking for a New Pair of Mens Polo Boots?

Men’s Polo Boots have come a long way from standard custom but the comfort and style is still there. There are a few different styles and models of polo boots in the high top and ankle length versions. A top quality polo boot can cost anywhere from$110 to $200 depending on the type of material used.

within the class of Men’s Polo Boots there are ranger polo boots also called tall chukka boots that are made from full grain leather. They have got a loafer style with a slight heel. It also has a strap accent and a rubber sole. This style comes in brown and black. Then there is the polo conquest which is a rugged boot. It comes in black, brown and brandy.
Another sort of polo boot is the conquest hello top which comes in wheat, brown and black. It has got a reinforced toe, padded collar, and a double zip closure. It has got a nubuck upper, reinforced toe, padded collar, and lace and strap closure. There is also the polo darrance boot made with leather upper, double zip closure, and an additional hook and loop strap closure. It also has a textile collar and a padded tongue, and it comes in black and wheat.
It is and effective shoe that offers resistance and durability. The cost for all the boots discussed above ranged in cost from $119- $139.
Boots make a great fashion statement. They can complete the look to any outfit, and can also help your man’s wardrobe. Forget sneakers or construction boots. Winter boots are what’s popular, and look nearly as good on a man as they do on a woman. Polo Boots for Men have the best quality and choice of winter boots. You’ll easily find any kind of boot for any sort of man.
The Kewzip nubuck, leather, or Dover boots are the best for those snowy months. Whether your fellow works out of doors or indoors, his feet will stay dry and warm. The Ranger Leather boot is the perfect style for the rough man in your life that wants to be classy. It is a sleek, lace up ankle boot which has durable rubber soles. Although they have good looks, they have even better features like traction. Lastly, the Olympics Denver style has thick leather threading and fleece lining. Polo is one of the official Winter Games logo for the usa team. So, if the USA team uses these boots, then it must be a good quality!

With the great quality and construction, any of these Mens Polo Boots would make a great Christmas gift. And the prices are just as unbelievable. They start at only $89.99, so there is no need to mean bankruptcy. Your man will get the very best quality leather or nubuck mixed with the very best quality features for those vicious winter days. Your man’s feet will be certain to stay warm and classy in a couple of Polo boots for Men.

The Advantages of a HP Laptop Power Cord
Bob Jogging Stroller

About the Author

Mark has been writing press releases online for almost 3 years. Not only does this author specialize in investing, health, relationships and travel and leisure, you can also explore the most recent website on Mens Polo Boots that reviews and lists the best Polo Boots For Men.

does a Skip Hop Spark diaper bag clip onto a Double Bob stroller? Is the double Bob too wide for it?

Has anyone tried a skip hop diaper bag? It’s only 29.99 at Target. I hear it’s great. Does it clip to a double bob stroller? or is the Double Bob too wide? What’s the best diaper bag for that?

It works for me. I have a double bob and the spark diaper bag from Target. The diaper bag doesn’t fit all the way across the double Bob (the double skip hop bag does), but it works fine still. LOVE the spark bag, especially for the price.

Baby Gizmo BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller Review

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Chicco Stroller Trevi

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

chicco stroller trevi

Chicco S3 stroller or Trevi?

My husband and I are expecting or first baby soon and I have decided to go with Chicco Key fit 30. However, when it comes to the stroller part I cant decide what one. Its either the S3 or Trvi by chicco. Does anyone have any reviews on these???

Thanks in advance!!

Both stroller look really good, however the S3 is a jogger type of stroller-whereas the Trivi is more of a light weight-umbrella type of stroller.

I really like the Chicco strollers, however unless you’re a runner or are into hiking etc I wouldnt get theS3 The main reason is because if you’re planning to use as a regular stroller it’s not worth it, and it’s big and bulky and too big to fit into most stores.

Im more inclined to go with the Trevi or if I may suggest I would get the Cortina stroller. It’s still lightweight and it has a parent tray BIG bonus in my book ๐Ÿ™‚ and it looks more well rounded, more comfortable for longer trips and it seems to have a bigger cannopy for the sun.

Hope I helped!!

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Red Stroller

Friday, March 27th, 2009

red stroller
Dreaming about Quadruplets.?

ok, last night, i had a dream, ” i dream that my mom had quadruplets. in my dream i was pushing them in a red stroller (all of them) my other brothers were with me as well. then i kept asking my mom what she was going to name them, i kept telling her Jason and jarod, but could think of the other two names, what does it mean?

Your mom seem to at times have a lot to take care of. You have to help her out. You also try to help her through trying to share some ideas she might find useful. But, you don’t always have enough ideas to cover the situations she is dealing with. You can’t come up with everything to cover every situation in life, but any little bit helps. Meditate/pray, exercise, and eat healthy, so that you will be spiritually strong, and able to be helpful and positive to your mom and those close to you.

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Instep Jogging Stroller Wheel

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

instep jogging stroller wheel

instep jogging stroller wheel

Best Jogging Stroller to buy?

So i have a one year old and I really want to get a jogging stroller..I have a graco travel system and its so big and bulky and I absolutely can’t go on walks with him because its to big and I’ve tried my friends joggers and I like how smooth they are. Anyway, what are your opinions? Bobs, Tike Tech, InStep or BumbleRide? I definitely want one with a swivel wheel and one thats easy to put in my car without having to remove wheels or parts..also I want one that has cup holders and big space for my purse AND that i can eventually put another carseat in when i have another baby. THanks!!

BOB Revolution. Has phenomenal reviews and is worth the price.

InSTEP ใƒ™ใƒ“ใƒผใ‚ซใƒผใงใƒฉใƒณใƒ‹ใƒณใ‚ฐ้–‹ๅง‹ (ๅˆๅฟƒ่€…ๅ‘ใ‘ๅ…ฅ้–€็ทจ) – How To BabyRun –

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Schwinn Umbrella Stroller Double

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

schwinn umbrella stroller double

[mage lang=”” source=”flickr”]schwinn umbrella stroller double[/mage]

The Fulfilling Journey of Motherhood

The journey of motherhood is a learning stage for both, mother and the baby. Each day is a new day with surprise responses from the baby and understanding him with each passing day. The good thing is that help was always around; through family, friends, and through the internet as well. The tips listed here have helped me a lot and I am sure they will help you as well.

1. Infant Care – Right from the birth of a child, taking good care and ensuring good health of the infant is of utmost importance. Have your baby vaccinated timely and never miss an appointment with the doctor, especially when it is for your baby or even you. Have clean and soft clothes for the babies. Additionally, you need to change baby’s clothes, diaper at regular intervals so as to prevent any chances of infection or other skin trouble. Always wash your baby’s clothes separately and do not use harsh detergents so that the clothes remain soft and feel smooth and easy on the body.

2. Feeding Well – Breastfeeding is necessary for new born babies (at least for the initial 6 to 8 months) as it is the best thing an infant can have. Mother’s milk contains all the necessary nutrients needed for the child to grow well. is a good site with loads of information as to how to take care of a new born baby.

3. Initiating the learning process – Babies / toddlers have very powerful senses that are quite alert to their surroundings. They can understand things easily. They are able to react to sound, and images. Getting games that can enhance their thinking ability and stimulate their minds in a positive way for toddlers as they are approaching the completion of their first year is essential.

4. Learning to walk – As the child grows and moves towards taking his/her first steps, you need to ensure his/her safety. Child safety gates, keeping breakable stuffs out of the toddler’s reach are some of the things that can be done. Also, I find strollers pretty useful since it assists the baby in learning to walk properly and also gives moms or the caretaker some free moments. I have recently bought a stroller from a reliable brand “Schwinn” for my son from, a site with a huge selection of innovative, useful and good looking strollers.

5. Discipline – Taking care of a growing child, as we all know, is not easy. More so, when the baby is into his/her second year; babies are demanding and have a short attention span. It is important that as they are growing they also learn to distinguish between good and bad, do not misbehave. When you find child throwing baby tantrums, creating lot of difficulty for you, one way to diffuse the situation is to take their mind off to something else. Occasionally, you will have to be firm with your baby, letting them know that you do not like it if they do anything wrong. Having patience is the key to parenthood.

About the Author

Author of this article is the Web Marketing Manager for The site sells various designer strollers like Jogging Strollers, Double Strollers, Umbrella Strollers, Rain Cover for strollers, and more. They also sell various innovative stroller accessories along with buying tips and guidelines.

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Instep Jogging Strollers Swivel

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

instep jogging strollers swivel

instep jogging strollers swivel

Where can I find a kids tray for a double jogging stroller?

I recieveed a InStep Safari Swivel Double Stroller (Yellow/Grey/Black) which I bought at The stroller is great however, I was wondering if ther is any way I could purchase a kids tray to go along with the stroller? And also a parent console……any ideas?
I did try I couldn’t find anything for a double joggin stroller. Not a parent console or kids tray. I also tried and couldn’t find anything

same place you got the i just saw the items there

Features and Use of the Instep Suburban Swivel stroller

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Instep Jogging Stroller Assembly Instructions

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

instep jogging stroller assembly instructions
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Stroller Twin

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

stroller twin

I am looking for a twin baby stroller. Do you know where I can get one locally?

Looking for a twin baby stroller – side by side or front and back .

Let me know if you have a used one for sale in good condition or a store that sells it in Bangalore.

my mom got my sister one at target for $130.00

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Maclaren Stroller Quest Mod

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

maclaren stroller quest mod
Maclaren stroller question

What are the differences between the Quest Sport, Quest Mod, Techno Classic, Techno XT, and Techno XLR besides seat positions.


this chart gives you appropriate ages, weight, seat positions, etc.

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Combi Stroller Frame

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

combi stroller frame

combi stroller frame

Graco Snugride

Having a baby can be an overpowering emotion and many mums and dads find themselves uncertain of the products that they’re going to be buying as baby supplies. With the appearance of many brands on the market it has become even more tricky to pick the right product. One product which will certainly be used is the push chair and a Combi push-chair is often a good choice for the folks.
Combi manufactures a lot of products that may certainly suit the requirements of many mothers and fathers. One great stroller is the Flash X that allows the automobile seat to be placed right into it. This is strongly recommended for newborns and there is no need to wake the baby up during transport. This is made from quality materials and is meant to last for a long time.

This type is employed by mothers and fathers that have children up to the age of forty five pounds. The Combi stroller st. Folks that are busy and are often on the road should actually purchase a stroller to help them in the safe and quick transport of their baby. To make the maximum of their Combi push-chair it’s a smart move to use Combi Car seats though they could be compatible with other automobile seats that are available on the market.

The car seat is also a major purchase for parents with new babies. This model is cartable and attaches itself to the Combi stroller Flash X. Like all Combi products, this vehicle seat is made with sturdy material and will make sure the infants are kept cosy and safe for the duration of the travel.
Another model of vehicle seat is the connection lx, this model is placed in a rear facing position. It is adjustable with the help of an insert that allows for the use with newborns and infants alike. The insert is a smart idea from Combi that allows children to be positioned properly in the car seat.

Combi has lots of other baby products like diaper bags and high chairs that folks should research if they want to find good products for their babies. The strollers and other products can be discovered online in many specialist stores.

Come visit us right here for more info on Car Seat Stroller Frame. We are the greatest source of info on Car Seat Strollers today.

About the Author

Come visit us right here for more info on Snugride Infant Car Seat. We are the greatest source of info on Car Seat Strollers today.

Graco Snugride

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Stroller Umbrella Quinny

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

stroller umbrella quinny

stroller umbrella quinny

Best Brand Name Baby Strollers

With summer’s arrival, Robert Walsh Kids Clothing has added a new page to their site, titled “Best Brand Name Baby Strollers”, to encourage family outdoor activity. This page focuses on baby strollers, diaper bags, child car seats and other unique baby gear that will give mom and dad a chance to spend some quality time outdoors with their infant and toddler.

Whether you are a family with a recent addition, a family expecting, or looking for the perfect baby shower gift for dad and mom, be sure to visit Robert Walsh Kids Clothing to discover top quality products that will provide you and your baby with the best of care in the early stages of life.

These popular brand name strollers and baby gear, Avent, Britax , Bugaboo, Fleurville, Maclaren, Peg Perego, Quinny, Recaro, SKIP HOP and Tike Tech, to name a few, are available at the best discount prices, often with savings up to 30% off.

Their “Best Brand Name Baby Strollers” Page offers more than the expected single or twin jogging strollers. You are able to find twin and triplet strollers, famous brand trendy baby carriages, umbrella strollers, along with the following unique baby gear: trendy discount designer diaper bags, baby nursery bedding, top of the line infant child car seats, baby swings, baby high chairs, walkers for toddlers, bicycle trailers and many more. All these products are manufactured with your baby’s safety and comfort as the #1 priority.

Robert Walsh Kids Clothing also announces a new look to their website The screen, brighter and wider, will help their visitors to browse the pages more comfortably than the previous one. The navigation bar, located at the top of the page, is more visitor friendly.

Robert Walsh Kids Clothing is very excited about these changes and recent additions to their website. They continue to offer their customers the BEST….best products, best prices and best savings.

About the Author

Want to learn *more* valuable information to get huge discounts on cycling products without paying a penny? Check this out… http://

Do you think this looks any good?

I’m going on holiday on Friday and want to get a cheap lightweight pushchair as I have a Quinny Buzz which is a pain in the bum to lug about long distances. I’ll have other uses for it as well after the holiday, I’ll probably use it when going to playgroups and things on short distances. Does this look any good? – I’ve only ever had big padded pushchairs before so I’ve never used a little umbrella stroller thing, do you think it’s comfortable enough for him? He’s nearly 19 months.

It looks lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

Does it come with a raincover?

I think Argos see them for strollers

Might be a good idea to get one just incase lol

Stokke Xplory demonstration

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Jogging Stroller And Car Seat

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

jogging stroller and car seat

jogging stroller and car seat

How to Find Your Perfect Newborn Stroller

If you are adding a new baby to your family you might be in the market for a new stroller.  If this is your first baby, or if it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped for newborn accessories, the number of options out there can get confusing. Here is a step-by-step guide to picking out the perfect stroller.


Step One:  Determine the use


One of the first things that you will need to decide on will be the uses you will have for your newborn stroller.  If you are an active family and want to go jogging or hiking soon after your little one arrives, you will need a much different stroller than a family that plans on walking laps around the mall or just using the stroller for occasional trips to the park.


Step Two:  Determine a price range


Purchasing a newborn stroller is a lot like purchasing a new car – you have your clunkers and your Cadillacs.  Knowing how much you are willing to spend will help narrow your search.  However, you need to consider more than just the bottom line.  Some strollers may cost more upfront but are more economical in the long run.  Travel systems, for example, can be pricier.  However, they often have the car seat included and can be used from birth through toddlerhood.  An umbrella stroller or car seat frame stroller is less of an upfront investment, but will only work for a limited time frame and could require you to purchase a second stroller to meet your needs at other times.


Step Three:  Consider your features


Once you have determined the type of stroller that you are looking for and a price range you are willing to spend, you will want to consider the features that you need for a newborn.  Here are some things to consider:


•             Newborn compatibility – in order to use a stroller with a newborn you will need to look for a model that either allows for use with an infant car seat, has a removable bassinet, or has a seat that reclines fully flat and has a way to enclose the leg holes.  You may look for a travel system that includes a car seat or a stroller frame that allows you to snap your favorite car seat into it and go.


•             Safety – you want your newborn to be safe on the go, so looking for safety features is a must.  Consider strollers that offer one-touch brakes, five-point harnesses, and similar safety features for your little one.


•             Portability – do you want a stroller that folds up small to fit in your trunk or is a heavier, sturdier stroller an option for you?


•             Storage – with a newborn you will likely be carrying a diaper bag as a minimum.  You will want a stroller that has enough storage space for the gear you will commonly take with you.


•             Seating – if your newborn is not your first, or if you are having more than one bundle of joy, then a double stroller may be a consideration for you.  Tandem, side-by-side, and sit-and-stand strollers allow you to accommodate multiple riders.

About the Author

StrollerIQ provides comprehensive analysis of baby stroller recalls, stroller buyer guides, and price comparisons of popular strollers.

Anyone know where to get a really good triplet stroller that you can put your infant car seat carrier in.?

There is ones for jogging but I need one that will recline down and the infant seat can be put in and removed. Looking for something that is side by side instead of a huge thing that looks like a bus.

They don’t make side by side triplet strollers because they’re too wide to fit through doorways and on sidewalks. Even if you somehow found one, they don’t accept infant carseats. However, I believe Ma Claren makes a good triplet stroller that’s easier to maneuver than other brands.

TFK Joggster III and Joggster Twist Strollers – Car Seat and Carrycot Adapters

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Graco Stroller Travel System

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

graco stroller travel system

graco stroller travel system

Different Types of Graco and Peg Perego Strollers

Baby strollers have been around for a while. Two of the elite manufacturers today are Graco and Peg Perego. Each has many different styles and types of strollers. However, these two companies have several concepts in common. First they are both very experienced baby item manufacturers. Graco began making baby products in the 1940s beginning with a baby swing. Peg Perego began in 1949 when Giuseppe Perego was unhappy with the current selection of baby items. The company has expanded into all kinds of toys and powered riding vehicles for young children. Graco has 14 stroller listed on their Web site. Peg Perego has 6. The major difference in the two companies is the marketing strategies. Their strollers seem to be of good value and well constructed. For instance, the Graco line has product codes on their Web site for easy on line ordering. They have a list of retail outlets on each stroller’s page so that prospective buyers to not have to go to another Web page to find where to buy a Graco stroller. While the Graco stroller specification are located on their Web site under a different tab, when the fact sheet is printed, those specs print also. Graco seems to bullet their stroller selling points from an adult perspective. For instance mentioning cup holders and cell phone holders. Graco spends little time in discussing the baby comforts. But that may be OK since the parents are the ones who will shell out the money. Peg Perego seems to take the selling of a stroller to baby’s perspective adding items like silent spring-loaded feature that appeals to the parent of a sleeping baby. Also, Peg Perego adds in washable when describing the covers. However, the retail outlets for Peg Perego are listed on a separate page on their Web site and Peg Perego certainly does not have the bar codes right there for easy on line ordering. The two companies do manufacture quality strollers, but that is reflected in their pricing. A Graco stroller begin in the $100 range, while the least expensive Peg Perego is closer to $200. Both Graco and Peg Perego make strollers for multiple children, but only up to triplets. As with choosing any stroller, make sure it does what you need it to. For a newborn, it should fully recline. For older children the seat belt should hold them securely but comfortably. Watch the weight rating on the stroller too. Make sure it can handle your child for as long s you will need it to. The wheels and brakes are critical. The wheels should be strong and covered with rubber tires for a smooth ride. Ideally there should be some sort of suspension system to protect your baby from the jolts of traveling. The brakes should be easy to apply and easy to release, but most importantly to hold the stroller securely. Then there is the storage area. Will it be adequate for what you need to carry? Is it located in the center of the stroller? If not consider that side or back storage will create an off-balance situation that can become dangerous quickly. Whether you choose a Graco stroller or a Peg Perego stroller, you will choose wisely because your baby’s safety and comfort is riding on your choice of wheels.

About the Author

You can find a helpful Graco stroller buying guide and additional Peg Perego stroller information to help in your baby gear buying decisions at Aha! Baby.

What is the best jogging stroller at an affordable price?

I am looking for a good jogging stroller. I have a 19 month old son and I have been using the Graco travel system stroller when I go walking jogging. I go almost every morning and bring my son with me. The Graco stroller is not ideal for jogging because it has 4 wheels and I struggle and get tired very easily when I start to jog. Anyone have any suggestions?

Jogging strollers can get pretty expensive. You can get the Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller for a decent price. Its not the best jogger out there but great for the price!

Check it out:

Looking for a second hand one is a good idea too, I second that!

Good luck!


Graco MetroLite Stroller

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Duallie Stroller

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

duallie stroller

duallie stroller

Where Can I Get Upside Over Coupons? How Can I Use Upside Over Coupon Codes?

About Upside Over
Upside Over carry a broad selection of child carriers from Deuter, Sherpani and Kelty. Jog Strollers from Bob Strollers (Revolution and Duallie) and Kelty. Technical clothing from Marmot, Patagonia Kids, 66 North and The North Face. Camping equipment and sleeping bags from Mountainsmith, Sierra Designs, Leki, Sigg and Adventure Medic. Footwear from Mion, Keen, Merrell, Montrail and Mad Monkey. Youth snowshoes from Crescent Moon, Tubbs and MSR. Technical clothing from NRS and Extrasport. Cycling bikes, helmets and jerseys from Kucharik, Argon 18, Canari, and Uvex. Climbing equipment from Petzl, Camp and Montrail. Discount Coupons and Coupon Codes
Upsideover : is the best source for the Upside Over coupons promotion coupon codes, online discount codes, offer, Upsideover promo codes, promotions and discounts. Providing this Upside Over coupons, discount codes Upsideover promo codes you can save lot of money. We have thousands of coupons, discount offers for hundreds of online stores, so you can always find the Upside Over Deals, coupons, promo codes, discounts, promotions and promotional code from

How can I use Coupon Code?
Just select the coupon code and copy it or write it down and enter in to Upsideover discount / promo / coupon / promotion code box of Upside Over while checkout process. If there no coupon code, the discount will be applicable by clicking on the link(title), or you can find given a coupon code after you click on the link (title). Then complete your shopping at Upsideover and get great discount.

Where do you enter a coupon code for Upside Over?
you’ll enter the online coupon code in your shopping cart while checkout process at look for a text box that asks for a coupon code, promotion code, promotional code, promo code, discount code or something similar code, and enter your Upsideover code in that box then continue shopping to get discount.

Upside Over coupons, discount codes, promotions, discounts, coupon codes, promo codes or promotion codes while shopping at, you should contact customer care service for Upsideover before making your purchase.
One important thing some Upside Over coupon codes are case-sensitive.
More Coupons at

About the Author

This is vijaya lakshmi associated with am providing onlionshoping

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Duo Stroller Graco

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

duo stroller graco

What is the best double stroller for a 3 and 4 year old?

I’ve always used the Graco Duo Glider, but I think my kids are too big for it now (at least for the backseat). I was thinking of getting either a sit-and-stand (like the Joovi, or Babytrend makes them cheaper and also has a parent tray) or I was thinking about a lightweight side-by-side. My kids are about 33 pounds each. Oh, and yes, price matters. I need to be under $200.
They walk most times, especially if we go somewhere that won’t take long… but to spend a few hours at the mall or somewhere like the zoo that requires a lot of walking, they definitely still need a stroller.
Please don’t answer this question unless you have a specific brand and model to suggest.

unless you are planning to have many more kids, i would not waste the money on another expensive stroller. at their ages they are very soon not going to want to be riding around in a stroller, it’s impressive you’ve lasted this long really.
BUT- if you do insist on one, my suggestion would be a very light in expensive nylon type umbrella side by side, or maybe a jogger type stroller, they are so much easier to push, although harder to navigate through department store aisles, which i would think would be common with any side by side. any stroller at this point is going to be tough carting around 33 pounders. aside from that the sit and stand would be your next best bet.
instead of a stroller i would maybe look into a good wagon or something, that you can tote them around for long walks like a zoo, the beach, or amusement park when you know they will tire out.

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Joovy Stroller Tandem

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

joovy stroller tandem

joovy stroller tandem

The Peg Perego Duette double stroller has style. It is a tandem model with reversible seats, large wheels and wonderful handling. The specific model name is Duette SW and the SW stands for steering wheel!

The steering wheel is the stand out feature of this stroller. It provides steering precision with little effort as the steering works on the front wheels. The steering wheel could be adjusted up and down and even the angle of the wheel could be altered. This makes it comfortable for both parents to use. The braking works on the rear wheels and is controlled centrally. Lockable steering gives added control.

Your children may enjoy the smooth ride provided by the large wheels, semi-pneumatic tires and all wheel suspension. The five point harness that keeps your children safe also allows them to move freely.

Versatility is assured with the reversible seats. They can be set as much as face each other, face the parent in a line or face the street one behind the other. Most children seem to enjoy being able to relate to each other every now and then. However, if it’s not 1 of those days it is simple to rearrange the seating configuration.

Whether it is wet or warm there is comfort built in to this stroller. Each hood could be zipped open to let a breeze blow through or zipped closed to protect from the rain. In cold weather you can make use of the leg covers to keep your children’s legs and feet warm.

With comfort in mind the seats have been designed to fully recline for sleeping babies. While for larger children there are 4 back positions to choose from.

2 children, a stroller and packages are complicated for anyone to juggle. The spacious basket provides a amazing place to store parcels, and when the stroller is not in use it folds down with the stroller for simple storage.

The stroller is lightweight, only 25.eight pounds. It may be lifted easily with the strong handles on the side, even if your babies are still in it. You can use the compatible car seat from the Perego travel system instead of the stroller seat to take up less space in the car. However, even if you don’t, the in line design fits better in a car than the wider twin strollers.

Luxury, comfort and style come together in the Peg Perego Duette double stroller. Strangers may be captivated by the steering wheel and your friends may wish to borrow it. But, once you have experienced the ease of handling you ‘ll be saying look but don’t touch!

Click Here to see the full review of the Baby Stroller Peg Perego Duette Double
Clair James runs the ABC Baby Stroller website – where you will find a selection of the Best Baby Strollers currently on the market.

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P3 Stroller

Monday, March 16th, 2009

p3 stroller

p3 stroller

The Pliko P3 Travel System Makes Travel A Breeze

The pliko p3 travel system makes traveling with children simple.
The features of the stroller and car seat make it both simple and comfortable to use for parents.
And, help to keep children happy, content and harmless.

Comfort and convenience for parents is an necessary aspect of the design of the system. A footboard for an older child to ride lets parents keep an eye on both children at the same time. They can keep their keys and cell phone in the zip pocket on the hood and larger items in the under seat basket.
And, the stroller has handles which will be height adjusted, so either parent is equally comfortable utilizing it.

Baby ‘ll appreciate the comfort of all wheel suspension when riding over rough ground.
A special cushion makes newborns more comfortable and may be removed as they grow.
The car seat has a comfortable head rest made from microfiber cloth that allows for air flow. And, can be adjusted to five different back rest settings.

Children get hungry on long shopping trips although you can make them happy with regular snacks.
A hinged front tray means you don’t have to juggle children’s snacks along with everything else. And, for parents there is a removable drink holder on the handle.
It can be utilised to hold drinks for either the parent or the baby.

One of the annoying inconveniences of traveling with a baby is trying to hold the baby, juggle packages, and fold or open a stroller at the same time. Though, the travel system solves this problem. This stroller has an simple fold action that is accomplished using only 1 hand.
And, utilizing the attachable vehicle seat instead of the stroller seat means you don’t have to take your baby out of their comfortable seat and transfer them to another.

All parents want to know their baby ‘ll be harmless.
The car seat is certified for both car and plane travel and has built in side impact protection.
The hood turns into a canopy with an straightforward zipping motion and, has a window to keep an eye on the baby. A 5 point safety harness lets baby move around without the risk of falling or climbing out of the stroller.

You ‘ll love the convenience and practical features of the Peg Perego pliko p3 travel system. And, your child ‘ll love the comfort and freedom it allows them to find the world while on your travels.

About the Author

Click Here to see the full review of the Baby Stroller Pliko P3 Travel System

Clair James runs the ABC Baby Stroller website – where you will find a selection of the  Best Baby Strollers currently on the market.

Help with car seat and stroller!!?

I am a new mom and I had a stroller and car seat given to me. I am not sure how or if the car seat attaches into the stroller or what.

The make is a Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio Pliko P3
Its a 2004 model. There was no tray just a plastic part. We ended up ordering a food tray but it doesnt fit in right.

Basically my question is…Is the car seat suppose to click onto something or just rest in the stroller.

Cause I seen some at Wal-Mart and all theres clicked on right.
Any help with experience would be good.
I might just end up buying a new one

First – check the expiration of the Peg Perego Carseat – I believe Peg puts a 5 year limit on these – which would make it expired or close to it.
Better to buy a new seat if it does expire.

Second – pull the fabric back on the P3 Stroller where the child’s bottom would be if they were sitting in it. There should be two little bars that you push over and the will come and pop up. The Peg Perego Carseat will attach to this and click in.

What I might suggest you do is keep the P3 – that’s a great stroller. It folds easily, and is solid. You might have bought the wrong tray – if you go to and go to their online store, see if you can ID the tray you should have purchased. Here is their accessories online – you can always call them too:

You can purchase a new Peg Perego carseat and it will click in just fine. This site has some deals on the carseats – they are expensive seats compared to some other manufacturers – but you already have the stroller – so it might be worth it:

You can also call Peg and see if they have the universal carseat adapter for your stroller – basically it relies on the tray and a strap that goes over the stroller.

One other option – ditch the carseat, keep the stroller – but use it without the carseat (it can be used from day 1 without the carseat as it reclines nicely), and just get a new carseat, and a snap & go for when you are running into a store and you don’t want to wake the baby.


Picking the Best Baby Stroller : Peg Perego Pliko Baby Stroller Review

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Dog Strollers For Two Dogs

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

dog strollers for two dogs

dog strollers for two dogs

Dog Couture Accessories at Dog Couture Shops

The existence of dog boutiques confirms how much dogs are special to their owners and why they should be special. Dogs are one of the most trustworthy and loving animals in the world. Their unconditional love and company touch your heart. This is the reason you have a great emotional bonding with your dog.

Dog couture boutiques respect your emotions towards your dog and it shows in their collection. Their collection is all about the brands and latest dog couture fashion items. They have everything that you ever need or want for your dog. At parties and family gatherings, do you want your dog costumes to look graceful? Doggie couture shop has complete range of luxury dog clothing. Skirts, hoodies, jackets, pants and pajamas are among the luxury clothing collection. You can choose the best clothes that suits to your dog’s personality.

Whether you have a big dog or small one, dog harness are great. Designer dog harnesses not only control your dog but also add beauty to its appearance. At doggie couture shop you can choose from a huge selection of dog harnesses.

At doggie couture shop, you will find a wide variety of dog collars. They are available in every collar and style you can think of. Collars designed with diamond and crystal give a distinct look to your dog. Bone Diggers, Chrome Bones, F&F and Juicy Couture collection makes dog collars category incredible.

Some dogs are born swimmers; however, being an owner you still care for your dog when it swims. Keeping it in mind, doggie couture shop has presented a range of dog life jackets in various colors and patterns.

Doggie Couture Shop has the perfect dog carriers for you and your dog. They are great to carry all your essentials and your beloved pup everywhere you go.  They have a huge selection of carriers, from designer to casual.

There are several online dog couture shops that are authorized retailers of designer brands such as Ed Hardy, Louis Dog, Chrome Bones, Christian Audigier, Bone Digger, Juicy Couture and many more. Apart from luxury dog clothing, collars, life jackets, carriers and harnesses, they also specialize in dog bandanas, furniture, strollers and toys for dog. They do not compromise with the quality and assure of the best service. It is always a wise step to shop from these online stores as it saves your time of visiting the showrooms in order to get what you want. These online stores are the one such point where you get everything desired for your dog.

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Doggie Couture Shop, one stop shop for your doggie. You can purchase designer dog clothing like jackets and different costumes, dog accessories, dog carriers, dog collars, and other dog apparels.For More Information Visit :-

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Stroller Tricycle

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

stroller tricycle

stroller tricycle

Baby gifts – some practical advice before making a purchase

If you are a novice in the baby gifts buying category then you must be getting thoroughly befuddled by the wide range of stuff available for babies in the market. To add to your woes, you are also unsure of what gift would be appropriate for a baby of a certain age. Fear not; help is at hand for people like you who cower in fright at the thought of a buying a gift for a baby.

Baby toys and clothes may seem the easiest options but this is where novices get confused and end up buying the wrong toys or clothes which are inappropriate for the baby’s age. The rule of the thumb as far as clothes are concerned is, keep the season and the age of the baby in that particular season in mind and you are set. This way you will not land up with wrong clothes for the wrong season and in the wrong sizes! Remember, new clothes are always welcome to parents, so, go ahead and pamper the baby with smart clothes. Toys are far easier to select as you simply have to match the age of the baby to that written on the boxes of toys. Make sure that the toys are non-toxic. You can choose rattles, crib mobiles for newborns while toddlers will love stringing a pull-along toy or prancing on a rocking horse. Tricycles, small cars also make for good gifts if your budget stretches that far.

Bath care items for babies also make great baby gifts and you can get attractively-packed bath sets which contain lotions, creams, soaps and shampoos. Rubber bath toys as well as cute baby bath towels can also be added or given separately. A bathtub can be a nice gift if you want to spend that much or you can even splurge on an expensive baby bath care set.

Baby gifts like strollers, walkers, prams, baby bouncers are useful for new parents and can save them a lot of money if they are a bit financially strapped. If your budget comfortably allows this spending, it can be a very thoughtful gift to parents especially if they have twins.

Beautiful baby blankets, sheets, quilts are available in baby stores and you can opt for either one of them or gift an entire set as per your preference. And if you know the color scheme and the theme of the nursery you can even try and coordinate the gifts with it. Cute baby sleep wear also make for excellent gifts but like for normal clothes, keep the size and season in mind.

A diapering-set consisting of wet wipes, nappies and diapers will never go unused because this is what is required the most in the first few months. New parents will be grateful for extra stocks in the house. For that matter, even a baby monitor will come in handy although it is not the most exciting of gifts for the baby.

This list should help the most helpless of novice-buyers of baby gifts.

About the Author

Find the best baby gifts such as baby toys, baby blankets at our website. Visit us today!

Where can you buy a parent/child tricycle?

I saw this tricycle on Tori & Dean’s show, it has what looks like a stroller on the front and the parent pedals from behind, and it looks as if they are pushing a stroller. So it is a tricycle, but with 2 wheels on front, 1 on back…?

Are you talking about the green bike child carrier? photo:

Stroller Tricycle Development

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Bob Stroller Accessories

Friday, March 13th, 2009

bob stroller accessories

bob stroller accessories

Shopping online for jogging strollers

The internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities for large-scale as well as discriminatory shopping. Not only do shoppers get a wide range of selection but also the best deals. While some of the shopping is likely to be dictated by necessity the rest of it is likely to be stimulated by desire and longing. And still others by both.

Just consider this: raising kids is not easy, as everybody knows. It is also expensive. Often parents leave out important items like jogging strollers in favor of toys, books, baby food etc. Some parents get cowed down by the price. Don’t, is our advice. Are you going to give up such an important accessory for your child just because it appears out of reach? The best news of the century is that you can compare prices – if that’s the deterrent factor – on the net at leisure before driving off to the nearest store or shopping mall to check out brands first hand. And we seriously recommend that you do.

First and foremost, identify the kind of stroller you are looking for. Are you, for instance, looking for one with fixed or swivel wheels? If you regularly take your baby with you to the mall, streets, zoo, or restaurants with you then a swivel front wheel may be a good idea as they roll easily. Some manufacturers like Mountain Buggy even advertise some of their products as being ‘fit for shopping malls’.

But if you are the beach-frequenting type then the swivel wheel might not be such a great idea as it sinks into sand quicker than the fixed wheel. Some manufacturers like BOB Revolution do offer a locking option, though.

If you have newly become a parent with a tiny infant you might want to be extra careful. You don’t need a doctor to tell you that running with a newborn inside a jogging stroller isn’t the best of ideas. At least not without the correct head support. Some strollers like those from the Valco stable of Australia offer reclining beds that are completely flat. The Valco TriMode, for instance, is extremely versatile terrain-wise. The question you then have to ask yourself is whether you are a heavy runner (heavy running, by the way, is not advised with very young infants) or a casual jogger.

Both Valco and Mountain Buggy have bassinets attached to their strollers which mimics your average mini-crib and comes with the added advantage of being detachable so that babies may be carried around in them.

Another thing you might like to take into consideration is the color. A basic rule of thumb is high visibility which is helpful in dimly-lit areas especially. Some strollers even come with flashing lights.

The physical and tactile assessment of various products and their range is useful, no doubt. But now you have the added advantage of refining your research with regard to each feature – from wheels, shock and suspension to bassinets – along with price, activity, and brand. All thanks to the net.

One word of caution: do not settle for cheap brands, i.e. brands that do not have ASTM certification. Also, do make sure that there is a verification symbol stating that the site you are checking out is secure.

About the Author

Rick Carsten is a self-made entrepreneur, a well known travel consultant and internet marketer. Over the years he has traveled across the world and has numerous writings credited to his name in many renowned publications. His areas of writing include travel experiences including reviews of luxury beach resorts and he has also gained expertise in areas of online shoppers, online deals and Shopping Deals.

Mountain buggie vs phil and ted?

i have just order the phil and ted sports what your your opinion. What one do you think is better? Have you use both? what are the pro’s and cons of both?
the only reason we brought a Phil and Ted was because or the toddler seat

I don’t know anything about the Mountain Buggy- sorry!

BUT we have a Phil & Ted’s E3 Sport with doubles kit and I LOVE it.
Its super easy to push, still fits through doors (I’ve heard this is an issue with BOB strollers, they don’t fit through doors because they are double-wide). And it looks great! We always get tons of compliments on it when we go out.

Our baby is due March 29th, but my husband has a 5 year old and 3 year old from another marriage and we’ve used this stroller with them. It folds up pretty well (fits in the trunk of my mustang even).

My one complaint I suppose is that you do have to take the second seat on and off to fold it, kind of a bummer to keep taking it off and on if you’re running a bunch of errands. Oh, and it has a lack of storage (no basket or anything to hold shopping bags/drinks/diaper bag/etc). But I’ve seen that there are accessories you can order (I forget the name of the accessory though) that allow more storage.

I also like that there are so many cool accessories. We have purchased the cocoon for ours (so the baby can lay flat and sleep and be carried in the cocoon also) and the accessory called the lazy ted which are bars that attach to the doubles seat to turn it into a baby bouncer….pretty cool if you ask me.

We love this stroller. I know when we found out we were pregnant most everyone thought we needed just a basic “travel system” but those things are so bulky and don’t glide well over grass or anything whereas the P&T we will get MUCH more use out of.

I AM MOM – BOB strollers

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Schwinn Stroller Rain Cover

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

schwinn stroller rain cover

[mage lang=”en|th|en” source=”answers”]schwinn stroller rain cover[/mage]

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Stroller Chicco Travel System

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

stroller chicco travel system

stroller chicco travel system

Chicco Travel Systems: A Duo System for Families on the Go

Traveling with baby can be much easier and enjoyable when you have the right equipment. Chicco travel systems ensure the process of traveling with baby is as simple as possible with a travel system that includes both a car seat as well as a stroller. The two units also work together so that baby can be simply transferred from the car seat to the stroller with a minimum of fuss.

The car seat is suitable for newborns from birth up through 15kg. When you are traveling in the car, the car seat can be easily fitted into your vehicle for simple on the go security. The car seat features an adjustable harness along with strap pads for baby’s complete comfort. For newborns there is an insert pillow which can be removed as your child grows. The high sides, adjustable canopy and padding provide a space for your baby that is completely cozy.

When you are ready to put baby in the stroller, all you need to do is move the car seat to the stroller and fit it directly into the stroller. Chicco travel systems feature a lightweight stroller that is a cinch to open with just one hand. When the stroller is closed, it forms a freestanding unit, which is ideal for storage and transportation. For enjoyable walks, your child can also be settled in the spacious seat of the stroller, which features a multiple position backrest as well as an adjustable leg rest.

The stroller in Chicco travel systems also is outfitted with front wheels that swivel and are lockable for your child’s security and your peace of mind. No matter what the weather is like when you and your child are out and about, he will be completely protected by the summer/winter hood. If the air is a bit nippy, just reach for the matching leg cover. Everything your baby needs for a changing can be stored easily in the matching changing bag. There is also an adjustable handle that contains a storage tray as well as a detachable tray for the bumper bar and a spacious additional storage basket. Whether you are taking a quick walk of you plan to be out for the whole day, you will have all the space you need for all of baby’s items. The duo system from Chicco travel systems is the ideal choice for families on the go.


About the Author

LifeandLooks works to take the pain out of shopping. Their number one priority is creating a consumer friendly website where you can find all of your health, wellbeing, beauty and cosmetic products at affordable prices on all brands such as Chicco baby products.

Best dual stroller?

I have the chicco travel system. Unfortunately, chicco doesn’t make a dual stroller, and we have baby #2 on the way.

What is the best dual stroller that works w/ the chicco infant seat? Is anyone familiar w/ the Colecraft stroller?

The best double stroller double stiller in my opinion is a Maclaren. I have a Macalren Twin Traveller and LOVE it!! I can be used from birth and up. It is very easy to manvuer and has got down and fit through any doorway and aisle I have been through. As very light weight and easy to clean!

Chicco CT 0.1 Trio Travel System – 2 – Kiddicare

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Stroller Sun Shield

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

stroller sun shield

stroller sun shield

Magnificent tips on baby jogging strollers for a smooth ride

Baby jogging strollers have made life easy for parents. The parents feel blessed to have such an important thing in their life. It is not easy to exercise with your kids around. With baby jogging strollers, you can easily take your children out with you while exercising. When babies are put in the strollers, they get occupied by the surroundings and do not get fussy. In this way, you can easily enjoy your exercising.

There are a few points which should be considered before buying a baby jogging stroller. If you wish to exercise during daytime and the sun is out then you should look for a stroller having a large sun hood. The large sun hood would protect your child from any harmful rays of the sun. The baby can even get sun burned on cloudy days so it is always recommended to go for large sun hoods which would be easily handy on cloudy days as well. There are some stroller companies that offer a separate sun shield to assist in blocking the ultra violet rays. As all parents know, ultra violet rays are very harmful for children as well and should not penetrate the skin.

Another thing to be looked for is an adjustable handle bar. Parents of varying heights often require this handle bar. If your husband is taller than you then you would need an adjustable handle bar so that you could easily manage to push the stroller.

The most important thing for any parent should be comfort. If you are comfortable pushing a stroller forward then that stroller is right for you. Similarly, if your child is comfortable inside the stroller, that stroller is just right for both of you. An uncomfortable seat could easily ruin a child’s mood. A fussy child would never let you exercise. So to avoid all such situations, you should look for a stroller that you find most comfortable.

About the Author

using baby strollers | buying baby strollers | cheap baby strollers

baby stuff?

ok so I have a Safety First Baby Stroller, and I cant remember what kind it is what its called anyways, but its pink and black and has two handles to hold and push instead of the bar you know, and its got a little window on the sun shield thing that you can see the baby through, and I broke the wheel well I cant find it online so I found a stroller that looks a lot like it and I was wondering if I could buy a wheel for that one and use it on mine… what do you think?…

well I haven’t had it that long and it was a 100 dollar stroller so I defiantly couldn’t afford to buy a new one.. not right now anyways

How long have you had it? Contact the manufacturer, maybe they will send you anew stroller all together.

Cosatto Hula Ultimate Stroller – Kiddicare

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Schwinn Stroller Sc600

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

schwinn stroller sc600

[mage lang=”” source=”flickr”]schwinn stroller sc600[/mage]

[mage lang=”en|th|en” source=”answers”]schwinn stroller sc600[/mage]

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